Monday, 7 January 2013

Jom motivasi siket

Hi, s e m u a.

 Korang! sihat? Yg sihat tu alhamdulillah........

 Saya memang harapkan yang sebegitu. 

Kurang sihat? Tak pa, pegi jogging siket bagi keluar peluh tu haa!

Yang 100% tak sihat tu. Aeh aeh! betul ka x sihat? Dpt pun baca2 blog ni. Hehe.

Ok2 jom bersantai petang sebelum masuk maghrib kejap.

Tadi lecturer English language proficiency ada masuk dan truth to say, I like her so much.

Her name is Mdm S. Thanes :)

Not because what, it is because of his english language yang kira power la.

But , dia memang best. 

Hmmmmm, masa dalam kelas tadi terfikir juga as we all go about our daily lives, we occasionally come across obstacles or roadblocks that stand in our way. These roadblocks become decision points and the decision you make can and will affect the outcome of your journey.

When you face obstacles, do you try to fight through them and keeping moving forward? Do you let them deter you from your mission or where you were heading? Do you let these obstacles stop you or do you simply take a alternate approach?

Ask yourself, is this an obstacle or is it an opportunity?

Actually, for the past several months I have been dealing with numerous challenges in my life as I have had lot of different things going on. Its been really stressful as I’m facing some major decisions. Some good and some not so good, but the decisions I make will impact not only my future but the future of my family.

Let's face the obstacle !

Yo-yo! I CAN, YOU CAN, WE CAN ! 

OK2, Jom tea time dengan saya. :))

That's for now. Bubye! Assalammualaikum.



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