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I know everyone is familiar with this saying. I mean my post title for this entry. So what does it really mean? Mind your own business…....................................................

lets see one from wikipedia..

“Mind your own business” is a common English saying which asks for a respect of other people’s privacy. It can mean that a person should stop meddling in what does not concern that person, attend personal affairs of others instead of your own, etc. - wikipedia

What does this mean to me ????

Dearest friends | followers | viewers | readers .........

Mind your own business is somewhat a shorten sentence of these: stop talking trash/shit/ stop being so nosy etc. 

There are so many trashy, nosy and even nasty human beings out there, that just like to see everything miserable when it’s not even funny. 

Low quality and/or narrow minded people who can’t seem to mind their own business is just ridiculous. I mean “hey before you stick out and point your finger into someone else’s make sure your hands are clean!”. 

Please lah ! Dont think you are his/her friend that knows each other since when.... You know everything bout her/him ! 

That's not the way you are . 

Everyone has their own story behind themselves. That's why they like the way there ARE. 


Some people just can’t stay a day without telling someone a gossip! In my perspective it seems like (base on my experience) if a person tells a lot of gossips to you, expect that the person is doing the same thing to you. Talk sh*t behind your back (sorry for the french).

Nonetheless, that’s the truth !!

I can’t seem to have privacy, or enjoy my life without someone trying to figure me out or all up in my firm or just being negative at all. It really annoys me when people tells gossips to me (don’t get me wrong)

I love to have conversations but not gossips

Otherwise, I love to make friends and I really respect others types, story, history of their life or what is going on no matter it Is right or wrong for my eyes to see, my ear to listen, my nose to smell, my brain to THINK

Why am I deliberating this topic, it’s because someone (actually not just someone) I seem to thought that person went overboard towards the fact that everything I say she/he has side comments/messaging. 

Yes with ‘s’ because not just once but more than that! and so if I use this way of expressing my thoughts? why do you care? well at least it’s better than gossiping, talking shit behind someones back! (LOL I’m starting kicking off) It’s just very rude to do that to someone. 

I’m certainly up heat with any kind of circumstances regarding to those people who just can’t mind their own business.

You can mind others business by advising them, having a slow talk, try to find other solution to make all in good


Not by pretend yourself to be with she/he friends but destroy his/her life silently. 

That one was too shit action. 

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